Our Attendance Requirements

1. The 60% rule applies. You must attend 60% of the meetings each year, 60% at this club and be in attendance at the meeting for at least 60% of the meeting (those that must leave may take the opportunity during the song). 

2. Those who cannot stay are expected to leave $2 in the red “scooter box” near the back table.
3. According to Rotary International, after 4 consecutive meetings missed, one’s membership must be dropped.
4. Rotarians whose age plus 15 years service in the club total 85 are excused from the attendance requirements. Their financial obligations are not waived.
5. Maintain your attendance level by making up at another club in the two weeks before and after the meeting you missed (a four week window) or within this same period by going on line to www.rotaryeclubone.org.

6.  Make ups: Local
Matthews   Monday 12:30
Myrtle Beach   Monday 12:30
North Charlotte   Monday 12:30
Charlotte   Tuesday 12:30
Kannapolis   Tuesday 12:00
N. Myrtle Beach   Tuesday 12:30
Statesville   Tuesday 12:00
China Grove   Tuesday 6:00
Concord   Tuesday 12:15
Thomasville   Wednesday 12::15
Cabarrus (Breakfast) Wednesday 7:30
Greater Statesville    Thursday 12:00
High Point   Thursday 12:00
Rowan (Breakfast) Thursday 7:00
Asheboro   Friday 12:00
Charlotte-Dilworth    Friday 12:15


7.  Make ups, not local click here