The Rotary Club of Salisbury
meets every Tuesday
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM 
at The Rotary Hut

 The Spirit of Rotary:

The following is excerpted from remarks made by Dr. A.R. Keppel upon the induction of Dr. Frederick Spencer Jr. into the Salisbury Rotary on June 24, 1958.

“…Although I am delighted to attempt this, I assure you that I find it most difficult to convey to you through the medium of words Rotary’s true meaning. For Rotary--in its fullest conception--cannot be defined--for when we define it, we confine it and when we confine it, we betray it. Rotary is not just an organization, it is a spirit. And you can only tell how much a (person) has of it by the degree to which (they) reflect it.

When you become better acquainted with Rotary’s history, you will understand more clearly what I am trying to say. For Rotary was given birth in the heart of a lonely man—a man who craved not civic prominence, not social prestige, not glamorous publicity, but rather sincere friendship, satisfying fellowship and sympathetic understanding. Paul Harris, who unknowingly founded this great organization in 1905, soon discovered that to gain such friendship, such fellowship and such understanding, one must first give it. And that is Rotary’s secret today.

Rotary has no formal creed, is not bound by prejudices, is not confined by tradition. Rotary is as broad and as open as the human heart. Its emblem is the cogged wheel—the cogs representing the human contacts, and the spokes radiating from the hub, representing the straightforwardness and the directness of those contacts. If we were to name the spokes, we might find for them no truer significance than to call them Rotary’s six F’s—Fellowship, Friendship, Frankness, Fairness, Faith and Fun. The hub stands for service which forms the center of all human relationship as well as Rotary’s driving force."

Rotary International has roughly 1.2 million members world wide organized into 531 districts and roughly 33 thousand individual clubs.



Weekly Bulletins
District 7680

The Salisbury Rotary (Club 6077) is part of District 7680 which is comprised of 51 clubs, 3000 members and includes the counties of Alexander, Alleghany, Anson, Ashe, Cabarrus, Cleveland, Gaston, Iredell, Mecklenburg, Richmond, Rowan, Stanly, Union and Wilkes.

Contact them at For more detailed information on the District and Club Database (DaCdb) click here.

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